The Direct Way to a Cleaner Everyday

The cleaning expertise and experience of ISS Group serves small and medium sized businesses and organizations through our agile ISS Direct brand. You'll be able to get all cleaning services from a single contact point in our local staff, hassle-free.

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Big Benefits, Small Attitude

ISS Direct Finland was created for local businesses and organizations who want personal and straightforward service, while also enjoying the know-how offered by a large organization and the cost-effective pricing enabled by centralized buying.

We bring the benefits of a large company directly to our local clients. Our processes and cleaning methods are thoroughly tested on an international level and then implemented locally.

We believe in direct action, and our local teams have the responsibility and authorization to quickly make decisions on improving our service. Any required changes and improvements, planned together with you, can be implemented frictionlessly and without delay.

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This is ISS Direct Finland

ISS Direct Finland is an energetic and positive cleaning business, mopping around with a good flow. Our cleaners are well motivated, passionate about their work, and always willing to go the extra mile to offer you the best service possible.


ISS Direct Finland is the front-runner in the cleaning industry. We get thoroughly tested processes and cleaning methods from our international organization, and we're constantly developing new things on a local level. We also invest in training our staff, making sure you always get superior quality when working with us.

Special Expertise

We also have special expertise, such as aseptic cleaning designed to reduce sick days. A1 cleaning means that the touchpoints in an office are cleaned from infectants with specialized substances and equipment, in the correct order.

Personalized Service

Every client is unique and the service package is customized based on your needs, from cleaning to watering the plants and other office services. This way you won't be paying for nothing and get the best value for money.

True Interaction

Reliability is everything for us, and we simply love customer service. When working with us, you'll always get a passionate and reliable cleaning professional, along with easy communication and quick reaction times.

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